Cyalume SpecuLume: How Does it Work?

Light Inserts for Cyalume SpecuLume

How To Use a Speculum with Integrated Chemiluminescent Light Source

When performing vaginal examinations, clinicians currently have two options. The first option combines a traditional speculum, in either plastic or metal, with an external light source like a floor lamp, pen light or head lamp. This approach provides a cumbersome experience, to say the least.

The second option for speculum exam is a disposable lighted version utilizing LED technology. This also means batteries or electricity are needed. Furthermore, the light from LEDs is often harsh, washing out the exam area.
The SpecuLume is a clear, plastic, single-use speculum that combines the best of each approach to provide ideal illumination with chemiluminescence technology. The clear nature of the device allows vivid light to reach the entire examination area instead of a focused beam.

How Our SpecuLume Works

To activate a SpecuLume, a clinician simply bends the luminescent cartridge to ignite it and inserts it into the speculum for instant illumination that lasts up to 20 minutes without the need for batteries or electricity. Post-examination, the clinician can simply discard the entire unit as clinical waste, virtually eliminating the risk of cross contamination.

how to use speculume

Within the luminescent cartridge, two key solutions are kept separate by a thin glass ampule that breaks during the bend and shake phase of activation. At that point, Oxalate Ester and Hydrogen Peroxide combine to produce chemical energy, and the rate of the reaction is controlled by a Catalyst. The last piece of the solution, a Fluorescer, absorbs the chemical energy and converts it to light, the color of which is determined by the Fluorescer employed.  

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