What Makes the SpecuLume Better Than Other Types of Speculum?

Cyalume SpecuLume vs Meta Speculum

How to Use a Speculum with Integrated Chemiluminescent Light Source

Generally speaking, the speculum has been around since the 1800’s. While there hasn’t been much advancement in terms of design, the use of disposable speculum has become more widespread in recent decades. Still, the design, having been proven over the course of more than 150 years, hasn’t changed. So how could such an established tool be improved upon?

LED lights have become increasingly popular as a means to illuminate the examination area during OB/GYN procedures where specula are employed. Surely, this is an improvement over an external floor lamp or pen light. The trouble is, LED lights require batteries or electricity, and, even worse, their harsh light often proves to be too much – washing out the area surrounding their direct beam.

Having invented chemical light, the science behind glow sticks, in the 1960’s, Cyalume Technologies sought to leverage their research and development team to come up with a better solution for OB/GYN clinicians to compete with other types of speculum.

What Makes SpecuLume the Best Disposable Speculum?

There are five reasons clinicians should choose SpecuLume over traditional and disposable options available today.
Latest Technology – newly developed chemiluminescent technology allows optimal light to be discreetly delivered directly to the examination area without batteries or electricity

  1. High Efficiency – SpecuLume, not reliant on outside power sources, will provide consistent results regardless of setting or the availability of power
  2. Easy to Use – Precise and simple design allows clinicians comfort and confidence from the first use. Activation is as easy as bend and shake
  3. Proven Track Record – Cyalume Technologies invented chemical light and has introduced many medical innovations to the marketplace. SpecuLume is a marriage of these two aptitudes
  4. Affordable – Achieve lower operational costs thank to no cleaning, disinfecting or sterilizing necessary. Stop wasting time on non-patient-centric tasks

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