How to Process a Disposable Speculum Like the Single-Use SpecuLume

How to Dispose of a Cyalume SpecuLUme

Many times, we’re asked one of two questions, usually both:

Does this product require special discarding after use?
Can it be reused?

In terms of special disposal, the answer is no. Our disposable speculum requires no disassembly or deactivation. Simply toss the entire device into the clinical waste container. There are no chemicals, batteries or hazardous waste management requirements that require special care.

In terms of reuse, the answer is also no. The light cartridge is designed for a single activation. To minimize the risk of cross-contamination, all our products are single-use. Furthermore, cleaning a single-use product for reuse will negate the time and expense savings gained by choosing single-use in the first place.

Learn More About the SpecuLume

The SpecuLume uses proprietary chemiluminesence technology to deliver brilliant lighting where it is needed most, at the tip of the speculum, filling the examination area with functional light. The clinician simply “snaps” the luminescent cartridge to activate the illumination and inserts it into the speculum for instant bright light lasting up to 15 minutes.

The SpecuLume is a vast improvement on available technology. Today, when performing vaginal examinations clinicians use either speculums along with an external light source (floor lamp, head lamp, pen light), or a disposable lighted speculum using LED illumination that requires electricity or batteries.

These light sources can either be harsh, not sufficient, or difficult to orient in order to be able to see the examination area. With its 360-degree diffused illumination, light emitted from the SpecuLume’s illuminator is ideal for clinical examinations.

When the examination is complete, the clinician simply discards the product as clinical waste without worry or special attention. The SpecuLume is sold non-sterile but comes in packaging that allows for ethylene oxide sterilization. Additionally, the SpecuLume is available in small, medium and large sizes.
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