First-of-its-Kind Vaginal Speculum Integrates Chemiluminescence

Cyalume Vaginal SpecuLume

The SpecuLume™ by Cyalume Medical gives OB/GYNs the ability to deliver bright, functional light directly to the examination area without outside devices

Cyalume Medical is revolutionizing a long-standard medical device with the introduction of their SpecuLume™. This single-use plastic disposable vaginal speculum provides vivid illumination with the use of chemiluminescence technology.

“Today, clinicians performing vaginal examinations either bother with external light sources that require constant adjustment or LED instruments that rely on electricity or batteries. Neither situation is ideal. The SpecuLume conveniently delivers bright, functional light directly to the point of examination and can be safely discarded after use. This is a better solution for both patient and clinician,” said Jim Miller, director, medical products, for Cyalume Medical.

To use the SpecuLume, the clinician simply bends the chemiluminescent cartridge, similar to activating a glow stick, and inserts it into the device. This results in more than 15 minutes of bright, no-heat-generated light that requires neither batteries nor electricity. After the examination is complete, the clinician simply discards the entire device as clinical waste, virtually eliminating the possibility of cross contamination.

The device is available in small, medium and large sizes and can be acquired directly through Cyalume Medical or via many of the nation’s most popular medical product distribution companies.

To learn more, visit cyalumemed.com.