How to Cut Costs by Opting for a Single-Use Speculum

Whether you are running a small clinic or a private practice with multiple locations, it is no secret operational costs in gynecology can be expensive. Traditional fixed expenses can include employee payroll, office space, insurances, medical technology, and equipment. Variable expenses can include marketing, professional development, or industry memberships. All those costs can really add up. When almost every aspect of your establishment seems like a necessary expense, where can you afford to cut costs without cutting the quality of your practice?

That’s where the single-use speculum comes in. Single-use, disposable speculums bring on several benefits to physicians and patients alike, including the benefit of being cost-effective. They do the most to combat cross-contamination, they increase patient comfort levels, and they even prove to be cost-effective against traditional, reusable speculums.

At the surface, the traditional, reusable speculum seems like the most efficient vaginal examination tool. After all, medical steel can be thoroughly sterilized various times to achieve accurate examination results with individual patients. A reusable product implies less inventory transactions and more bank for your buck. Is this information true when you dig deeper? Committing to using a metal vaginal speculum throughout your practice means you will commit to a plethora of hidden costs. These costs can include the purchase of a device sterilizer, or autoclave, disinfectant costs, staff training costs, equipment testing costs, bookkeeping costs, and miscellaneous inventory costs. All in all, the cost breakdown of using reusable speculums can run up to tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Moreover, a single-use, chemiluminated speculum proves to be the most cost-effective speculum with intravaginal illumination. Most speculums providing illumination rely on batteries that can be expensive to replace. In addition, batteries created for medical use must comply with hazardous material regulations and standardized disposal procedures. Overall, a disposable, single-use speculum that supports chemiluminescence has a lower cost-per-use than other devices on the market.

Cyalume Medical’s SpecuLume EZ is a single-use, illuminated vaginal speculum that provides true intravaginal lighting, while proving to be cost-effective. For more information about the benefits of SpecuLume EZ, contact Cyalume Medical. Cyalume Medical: Patient care in a new light.