How Can a Disposable Speculum Protect Your Practice Against a Lawsuit?

Practicing medicine can be delicate at times. Today, lawsuits are not only based on medical errors, but they can be based on the way a patient was treated during his or her medical treatment. Lawsuits against medical practices can basically ruin a company or a licensed professional’s reputation. This can result in financial loss or a loss of clients.


When it comes to lawsuits, many medical practices turn to insurance to protect them against the financial charges they may face because of liability claims. There are several different types of insurances that can protect practices from certain liability claims. Although having insurance will help with financial protection, the practice must follow specific safety regulations to remain compliant.

Reusable medical devices

Reusable medical devices are tools used when diagnosing multiple patients. The tools may include forceps, speculums, endoscopes, and stethoscopes. These tools undergo a specific cleaning and sterilizing process before they are used by the following patient. As soon a reusable tool is used on a patient, it becomes contaminated with microorganisms.

Using reusable tools can bring about many risks for the practice. When a reusable tool is not cleaned properly, it can result in the retention of blood and tissue on the device. This causes the transmission of infectious diseases between patients, leading to illness or even death. Poorly cleaned tools can also inflict lawsuits from patients or affected individuals.

Single-use medical devices

When the practice uses single-use medical devices, they reduce the risk of potential liability claims or lawsuits. In addition, these single-use devices reduce healthcare infections, improve patient safety, save time and effort for employees when cleaning, improve patient satisfaction, and allow for improved patient reviews.

Cyalume Medical created a unique innovation capable of changing women’s health practices: the SpecuLume EZ. This single-use, disposable speculum provides optimal diffused light to the examination area without batteries, electricity, or external sources. We want clinicians with an innovative design using high-quality illumination, resulting in benefits for both the healthcare provider and the patient.

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