Top 3 Excuses Women Use to Avoid Going to the Gynecologist

For the longest time, women have been avoiding going to the gynecologist. Despite the vast knowledge regarding the importance of getting exams annually, there are still a few elements that can negatively influence a woman’s decision to visit her physician. These reasons include a woman’s lack of time, the lack of education about the types of exams women should be receiving, and the discomfort she experiences during her visits. By recognizing these reasons, we can create a more enjoyable experience for the patient.


It is not a surprise that women are busier than ever. Juggling a fast-paced lifestyle while maintaining optimal health has proven to be more difficult as time goes on. Unfortunately, making time to visit the doctor is no longer a priority for some women. When they finally do visit their gynecologists, the visits often take longer than expected because of extended wait times. Some offices expect patients to wait past their scheduled appointment times; however, the extended wait adds to overall patient dissatisfaction.


Women are not only missing their appointments, but many are failing to recognize the importance of getting their annual checkups. Typically, people only think of going to a physician once they are having health issues. That being said, women often do not realize annual checkups positively contribute to her overall preventative care. This lack of education about women’s health issues is contributing to higher rates of women choosing not to receive annual preventive checkups. In turn, this leads to higher rates of health concerns and increased visits to urgent care facilities.


Women often expect to feel discomfort during gynecological visits. The outdated medical equipment that is sometimes used by healthcare practitioners causes women to avoid attending their appointments. This defeats the purpose of maintaining a routine checkup schedule. If more convenient, comfortable medical devices were readily available to physicians, then medical practices could create a more pleasant experience for the patient.

Certain medical device companies, like Cyalume Medical, are introducing innovative technology to transform the way physicians treat patients and patients experience medical care. The SpecuLume EZ, a single-use speculum with chemiluminescence, creates a more simplified experience for the physician and patient. It streamlines the interaction between the patient and the physician as it comes pre-sterilized, so onsite team members do not have to worry about completing routine sterilization processes. Additionally, its single middle bolt silently elevates and securely locks the upper blade, eliminating the annoying ratcheting noise that other speculums have that causes patient discomfort.

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