Why Pelvic Exams Are Critical to Maintain Women’s Health

When it comes to optimal physical health, annual medical checkups are a must. These appointments give doctors the opportunity to check up on patients, and patients can receive preventive services. Routine screenings are also important for women’s health, allowing physicians to catch cancers or sexually transmitted diseases at an earlier stage.

What is a pelvic exam?

Pelvic exams are routine medical screenings of a woman’s internal and external reproductive organs. These exams can help doctors evaluate causes for pain, bleeding, and discomfort. The medical exam only lasts a few minutes. During the exam, physicians will look for abnormalities in the rectum and pelvis. Gynecologists perform a manual uterine palpitation of the vagina, cervix, ovaries, and uterus. If the patient suffers from a disease or has a condition, additional examinations will be made.

Why do doctors conduct pelvic exams?

Female pelvic exams are necessary for two reasons. First, they assess gynecological health, which means that the gynecologist will screen the pelvic area for ovarian cysts, early-stage cancers, sexually transmitted diseases, and uterine fibroids. Second, they monitor a pregnant woman’s health. Pelvic exams are necessary when diagnosing medical conditions because unusual symptoms, such as pelvic pain, can signal a medical condition.

Preparing patients for examination

Patients often report feeling uncomfortable during pelvic examinations. A lack of proper lubrication, instrument insertion, or equipment material are just some of the numerous obstacles keeping patients from visiting their healthcare providers on a regular basis. Even though pelvic exams should not be painful nor extensive, a lack of proper equipment can cause discomfort and an extended visitation time.

To alleviate physical discomfort, women are to have the bimanual exam without a full bladder, practicing slow and deep respiration, and relaxing the abdominal muscles. To lower pre-examination anxiety, patients are encouraged to ask their doctors for explanations about the procedure. Narrow speculums that are fitted to the patient can be a solution to physical pelvic discomfort. Proper functionality and sanitation are essential for a successful pelvic examination.

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