Which Type of Light Works Best with a Speculum?

Like most medical devices, there are multiple components available for physicians to try within the speculum marketplace. Speculums that come with a built-in or supplementary light source offer physicians additional guidance during a pelvic exam. From rechargeable batteries to chemiluminescence, there is a wide range of intravaginal lighting options to choose from.

Alkaline batteries

Alkaline batteries are used to power LED light sources. More specifically, these power the light that accompanies some single-use and reusable vaginal speculums. Although alkaline batteries were known to contain mercury, a chemical harmful to the environment, medical device companies that use this power source claim mercury has been phased out of the modern alkaline battery. Reusable alkaline batteries need to be sterilized before being introduced to a new patient. Please note, regulations for the use and disposal of alkaline batteries vary by state.

Lithium-primary batteries

Lithium-primary batteries are made from a combination of lithium and carbon, and they are often used to power a variety of household electronics. They are durable and typically boast a high shelf-life. Although cost efficient, lithium-primary batteries are non-rechargable. Lithium-primary batteries can release harmful chemicals if not disposed properly. Please note, regulations for the use and disposal of lithium-primary batteries vary by state.


Chemiluminescent light inserts emit a no-heat glow for at least 15 minutes, delivering ideal diffused light for gynecological examinations. The insert is an environmentally friendly and patient-safe light source. Typically, the physician will be able to simply discard the light insert, along with the entire single-use speculum, as medical waste.

By combining the brilliance of chemiluminescent light with the functionality of a disposable speculum, the SpecuLume EZ is capable of forever changing the way physicians utilize intravaginal lighting. This single-use, disposable speculum provides optimal diffused light to the examination area without batteries, electricity, or external sources. It elevates the physician experience by supplying true intravaginal lighting, reducing the environmental impact of batteries, and increasing patient satisfaction.

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