Size Matters: Why Gynecologists Should Carry Speculums of All Sizes

Contrary to popular belief, medical devices are not one-size-fits-all. More specifically, when gynecologists use speculums of the same size during each and every patient’s exam, there is a higher chance the patient will leave dissatisfied. Why? No two patients are the same.

In order for gynecologists to provide proper medical care, they must use a uniquely sized speculum for each patient. Speculums of different sizes can service a patient based on that patient’s needs. Factors that can determine the correct speculum size for a patient include age, sexual activity, and physique.

A leading factor contributing to the size of the speculum used during a patient’s exam is her age. Typically, the younger the patient is, the smaller the size of the speculum must be. Alternatively, patients that are entering an older stage of life might need a smaller size that responds well to a delicate pelvic area.

A woman’s past and present sexual activity can affect her vaginal stretch. If a woman is sexually active, the speculum will probably need to offer a wider opening. That being said, women who are not sexually active will most likely require a smaller-sized speculum.

The physician must also weigh the woman’s childbearing status when choosing a speculum to use during her exam. When women have natural births or go through labor before having a c-section, their vagina tends to stretch. These women will most likely require a larger-sized speculum. Additionally, the number of times a woman has gone into labor, whether she completed pelvic floor exercises, and the type of birth she had can affect her current vaginal opening.

Anatomical differences, or a woman’s physique, might still come into play during speculum selection. Not only are women born with different vaginal sizes, but genetic differences can determine how a woman physically develops throughout her lifetime. For example, women who have had a vaginal hysterectomy or who no longer have a cervix will need a uniquely sized speculum.

Every patient deserves a comfortable experience during a visit with her gynecologist. Trust a medical device company that understands the needs of both patients and physicians to provide your practice with the right tools. Our team at Cyalume Medical designed three uniquely sized SpecuLume EZs: small, medium, and large. Varied speculum sizes allow for a comfortable patient exam, making for a quick, streamlined experience. For more information regarding speculums of different sizes, please visit Cyalume Medical.