Best Ways to Make Your Patient’s Gynecology Appointment a Comfortable Experience

A woman visiting her gynecologist expects the most comfortable experience. Often though, that is not what she receives. Many medical practices leave their patients feeling anxious, tense, and just plain unsatisfied. Thankfully, there are tactics gynecologist offices can keep in mind to improve each patient’s unique experience.


No one enjoys waiting. It brings on stress and anxiety, feelings no patient wants to experience while awaiting a visit with her gynecologist. Medical practices tend to run on the later side when it comes to scheduling; however, doctors can reinforce the important of punctuality with the office staff to avoid negative patient experiences. The sooner the patient can receive one-on-one attention, the more likely she is to be relaxed throughout the appointment.


A patient will feel welcome, appreciated, and relaxed with her doctor when there is a solid partnership established. Patients want to see a gynecologist they can trust to open up to in order to solve any physical or mental health issues. Be reassuring in letting your patient know she is safe to express her fears with you. That way, you both can reach a solution that is sound and attainable.

Bedside manner

While education in gynecology is key to being a successful gynecologist, many fail to understand the importance of bedside manner when communicating with a patient. Maintaining a positive attitude, carefully choosing words, and a delicate delivery can make a world of difference when explaining symptoms, conditions, or procedures. Many topics in gynecology can be uncomfortable for some patients to talk about. Physicians should be aware of a patient’s comfort levels at all times.

Medical equipment

The medical equipment and medical devices used during a patient’s examination can make the biggest impact on her experience. Most notably, physicians should be using speculums that are made of a comfortable material. For example, metal speculums tend to be cold to the touch, causing patients to tense up even more than expected. Also, some medical device companies produce speculums in different sizes. Choosing an appropriately sized speculum for your patient can avoid uncomfortable pressure, pinching, or even pain. To elevate the patient’s experience further, consider using lubrication during the exam.

Do not take your patient’s comfort for granted. Opt for medical devices that function with the patient and physician in mind. The SpecuLume EZ, a single-use speculum with chemiluminescence, creates a comfortable experience for the patient and a streamlined experience for the physician. The SpecuLume EZ is offered in small, medium, and large sizes, all of which are perfectly adaptable to any patient’s proportions. Additionally, the device’s single middle bolt silently elevates and securely locks the upper blade, eliminating the annoying ratcheting noise that other speculums have that causes patient discomfort.

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