How Cyalume Medical Is Designing Speculums for the New Decade

The new decade is finally here, and 2020 is ushering in the brightest innovations in medical technology. Cyalume Medical, a division of Cyalume Technologies, is revolutionizing gynecology’s oldest medical device, the speculum, with its SpecuLume EZ. This single-use, disposable speculum provides vivid illumination using patient-safe, chemiluminescent technology.

In the past, clinicians would perform vaginal examinations with only external lighting. These light sources would require constant adjustment or would be LED instruments that relied on electricity or batteries. This type of lighting is not ideal for physicians operating a modern medical practice. The SpecuLume EZ conveniently delivers bright, functional light directly to the point of examination and can be safely discarded after one use. Ultimately, it proves to be the preferred speculum by patients and physicians alike.

What makes the SpecuLume EZ the top disposable speculum on the market?

Uses the latest technology: The SpecuLume EZ features newly developed chemiluminescent technology not used on any other speculum. To deliver diffused light directly to the area of examination, the SpecuLume EZ relies on the power of chemiluminescence – an environmentally friendly and patient-safe light source that creates no heat.

Highly efficient: It does not rely on external power sources. It is designed to provide consistent results regardless of setting or access to electricity. Unlike the generic vaginal speculums that feature a battery-powered light source, the SpecuLume EZ uses 100% non-toxic chemiluminescence to aid the physician during a screening.

Easy to use: The SpecuLume EZ features a single middle-bolt design like no other, eliminating the noisy ratcheting sound that can be heard from traditional plastic speculums. Our design raises quietly and smoothly, securely locking into place at any point with an easy-grip tightening nut. The tightening nut secures the preferred positioning, preventing it from accidentally closing or slipping. When the examination is complete, it can be released easily by loosening the retaining nuts.

Affordable: Achieve lower operational costs by opting to use the SpecuLume EZ. It requires no cleaning, disinfecting, or sterilizing to use, eliminating additional expenses.

Let Cyalume Medical guide your medical practice into the new decade. To learn more about the benefits of the Speculume EZ, please visit Cyalume Medical.

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