What Are the Key Benefits of a Single-Use Speculum?

As the medical industry moves forward with improvements in technology, research, and treatments, it’s only natural that the medical devices used prove to be equally beneficial to both patients and physicians. One medical device projected to be the future of gynecology is the single-use, disposable speculum.

First and foremost, single-use speculums significantly decrease risks of cross-contamination among patients and physicians. When a single-use speculum is used, onsite team members are not responsible for completing lengthy sterilization processes. A disposable speculum is intended to be used once on a single patient. After use, a physician can safely dispose of the recyclable device. A single-use medical device, like a disposable speculum, will be the least risky option among gynecological examination tools.

Alternatively, reusable medical devices can bring about health and legal risks. When a reusable speculum is not cleaned properly, blood and tissue can linger on the device. This causes the transmission of infectious diseases between patients, leading to illness or even death. Medical devices that are poorly sterilized can ultimately bring about lawsuits from patients or other affected individuals. By using disposable medical devices, a medical practice can avoid risky liability claims, lawsuits, and excess costs.

Although a reusable speculum seems like the most efficient vaginal examination tool, it ends up being a costly alternative to a disposable speculum. The reusable speculum is required to be sterilized with detergents and solvents between uses; however, committing to using a metal vaginal speculum throughout your practice means you will commit to additional costs. For example, a practice will need to purchase an autoclave, purchase disinfectants, pay to train staff members, pay to test equipment, pay for bookkeeping, and pay for miscellaneous inventory. The cost breakdown of using reusable speculums can run up to tens of thousands of dollars annually.

What if a physician needs a single-use speculum with a light source? When it comes to lighting, a single-use speculum with chemiluminescence proves to be the most cost-effective speculum with intravaginal illumination. Most speculums providing illumination rely on batteries that can be expensive to replace. In addition, batteries created for medical use must comply with hazardous material regulations and standardized disposal procedures. Overall, a disposable, single-use speculum that supports chemiluminescence has a lower cost-per-use than other devices on the market.

Gynecologists need medical devices with these benefits to conduct efficient and, most importantly, effective pelvic examinations. The SpecuLume EZ, by Cyalume Medical, proves just that. This single-use, chemiluminated speculum is an affordable and safer alternative to a reusable speculum. Learn more about the benefits of the SpecuLume EZ by contacting Cyalume Medical.

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