How Does the SpecuLume EZ Compare to Other Speculums on the Market?

While selecting medical devices to supply your practice, you should be educated regarding the many options available to you. More specifically, each speculum offered to gynecologists provides varied benefits and consequences based on each’s respective features. Cyalume Medical can proudly say the SpecuLume EZ is one of the most effective and efficient medical devices available to gynecologists. Learn how the SpecuLume EZ performs in ease of use and efficiency compared to its competitors.

Standard metal speculum

The metal speculum, one of history’s longest surviving medical devices, seems to still be present within gynecology. It boasts reusability and a seemingly lower cost-per-use; although, these claims may not be as viable today. In reality, it has a higher cost-per-use compared to other multi-use components because of sterilization costs. Additionally, constantly sterilizing the speculum in between exams will increase wait times and decrease patient turnover. When the component is not sterilized correctly, there is a higher risk of chemical absorption and transmission of harmful chemicals.

Standard plastic speculum

The standard plastic speculum features a simple design similar to the metal speculum; however, it can be disposed after use. This speculum was made to combat the challenges brought on by a reusable speculum’s time-consuming sterilization practices. Although the component is disposable, this specific medical device is not associated with any known safety or environmental claims.

Speculums with a pull-tab LED battery

LED lighting, especially the pull-tab LED battery, has become increasingly popular as a means to illuminate the examination area during gynecological examinations. These feature lithium-primary batteries, and they prove to be more efficient than external lighting sources. The LED’s harsh lighting often proves to be too intense for operators, as it washes out the area surrounding its direct beam. They have a higher cost-per-use compared to other single-use speculums available. Please note, regulations for the use and disposal of lithium-primary batteries vary by state.

Speculums with a reusable battery

Reusable batteries made to fit a speculum are typically alkaline batteries. Although alkaline batteries were known to contain mercury, a chemical harmful to the environment, medical device companies that use this power source claim mercury has been phased out of the modern alkaline battery. Reusable alkaline batteries need to be sterilized before being introduced to a new patient. They have a higher cost-per-use compared to other single-use speculums available. Please note, regulations for the use and disposal of alkaline batteries vary by state.

The SpecuLume EZ

The SpecuLume EZ, a single-use, plastic speculum with chemiluminescence, provides decreased costs to physicians, enhances patient comfort during a pelvic exam, minimizes health concerns for both the patient and the physician, and boasts a safe disposal process. This modern speculum, developed by Cyalume Medical, streamlines the interaction between the patient and the physician as there is no need for sterilization after use. Finally, the SpecuLume EZ and its packaging material is eco-safe and recyclable. The SpecuLume EZ’s efficient and effective design was made to outperform any metal speculum on the market.

The choice is clear. Join the new wave of plastic medical devices and visit Cyalume Medical.

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