How to Use Cyalume Medical’s SpecuLume EZ: A Quick and Easy Guide

The SpecuLume EZ is the only single-use speculum that combines the brilliance of chemiluminescent light with an advanced design. Fast. Simple. Safe. To help you and your team facilitate easy use of the SpecuLume EZ, we’re providing a visual and written guide demonstrating this medical device’s simple activation process.

How to Use a SpecuLume EZ

1. Open the package by tearing at the slit on either end. There will be black arrows to direct you towards the perforated edge. Remove the black packet containing the light insert. You may open the black packet by tearing along the longer perforated edge.

2. Remove light insert from package. To activate, use your thumbs to firmly squeeze the insert and snap the ampule inside. Shake the light insert to fully activate it. Alternatively, you may place the light insert on the counter and press down on it using the heel of your hand to activate it. Once activated, the light insert will provide approximately 15 minutes of chemiluminescent light.

3. Position the light insert into either the upper or lower blade of the SpecuLume EZ. Slide it forward, so the black tabs fit under the speculum’s railings. Push the light insert firmly in place.

4. To elevate the upper blade, use your thumb to gently slide the colored component upward. Tighten the flat wheel to secure in place. Squeeze the handles to open the blades and secure them in place by spinning the small retaining nut forward.

5. To release the speculum, loosen the small nut to close the blades. Then, untighten the flat wheel. The upper blade will lower for easy removal.

6. There is nothing to disassemble before discarding the SpecuLume EZ. There are no chemicals, batteries, or hazardous waste management requirements that require special care. The entire device can be placed in a clinical waste container.

From start to finish, there is no simpler or safer illuminated disposable speculum than the SpecuLume EZ. For more information regarding the SpecuLume EZ, contact Cyalume Medical.

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