Key Tips to Increase Patient Retention at Your Gynecology Practice

When running any kind of medical practice, patient retention is a major factor that can influence the practice’s success. As we all know, it’s much more cost effective to keep an existing patient then to invest in acquiring a new one. Medical offices, especially gynecological offices, need to focus on increasing patient retention by improving current techniques. What exactly can influence patient retention? Here are a few key tips to increase existing patient attendance.

1. Make punctuality a priority.

Waiting to be called by the receptionist at a gynecology appointment can sometimes make the patient feel like she is waiting an eternity. It brings about feelings of stress and anxiety, all of which may influence the patient’s overall experience while at the office. Understandably, medical teams tend to run past appointment times due to extended appointments, no-show patients, or emergency situations; however, gynecologists can reinforce the importance of punctuality with staff members to avoid negative patient experiences. If a staff is unsure of how much time to allocate between appointments, encourage administrators to set up a month-trial timeline to test the flow of your practice. This technique will allow your team to better understand popular hours and properly space out appointments.

2. Pay careful attention to your patients. They notice attentiveness.

Patients are much more perceptive than they come off. As a physician, you can show specialized care by maintaining a positive attitude, carefully choosing words, and practicing a delicate delivery. These techniques can make a world of difference when explaining symptoms, conditions, or procedures to a patient.

That being said, a solid partnership between the physician and patient can help her feel welcome, appreciated, and relaxed. Full transparency is key to building a strong bond with the patient. They want to consistently see a gynecologist they can trust, so they feel comfortable opening up to them about medical worries or potential issues. Let your patient know she is safe to express her fears with you. Together, you can reach a solution that is sound and attainable.

3. Use equipment that can facilitate a comfortable examination.

What can truly make or a break a patient’s examination experience? The equipment, including tools and devices, physicians use to perform the exam. More specifically, gynecologists should be using speculums that are comfortable for the patient. For example, metal speculums tend to be cold to the touch, causing patients to tense up even more than expected. Also, some medical device companies produce speculums in different sizes. Choosing an appropriately sized speculum for your patient can avoid uncomfortable pressure, pinching, or even pain. To elevate the patient’s experience further, consider using lubrication during the exam.

Cyalume Medical is introducing innovative technology that has the power to transform the way gynecologists run medical practices. The SpecuLume EZ, a single-use speculum with chemiluminescence, creates a more simplified examination experience. It streamlines the interaction between the patient and the physician due to its easy-to-use design and seamless functionality. Additionally, its single middle bolt silently elevates and securely locks the upper blade, eliminating any annoying noises that add to patient discomfort.

To learn more about the benefits of single-use, disposable speculums, please visit Cyalume Medical.

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