Now Is the Time for Single-Use Devices

As a healthcare provider you’ve recently experienced first-hand the substantial impact that cross-contamination can pose. Simple processes and office activities that you once did are now subject to review, not only by you but also by your patients. The typical person, your patient, now has a heightened awareness to what can happen if they are exposed to viruses or other biocontaminants.

Specifically to the reason we are sending you this message, as you know vaginal speculums are necessary medical devices used to complete a thorough pelvic examination. Although the benefits of a specific speculum depend on its design and functionality, a major feature of this medical device should be its ability to fight cross-contamination. After all, what’s the benefit of a modern medical device if it is not safe for patients?

Here is the truth about cross-contamination.

Although seldom thought of, vaginal speculums that are reusable (i.e., metal) or have reusable parts (i.e., batteries), have been proven to be suspect of cross-contamination. Potentially dangerous viruses like human papillomavirus (HPV), hepatitis, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) have all been noted on insufficiently cleaned speculums. When using reusable speculums, physicians must also assume speculums have been sterilized properly. It only takes one misstep in the cleaning and sterilization process to completely compromise the integrity of a clean, reusable speculum.

The SpecuLume EZ is the solution your practice needs.

The risk of cross-contamination during pelvic examinations can be significantly reduced by using single-use, disposable speculums. Operational and cost efficiencies can also be improved with single-use speculums. To the point, the SpecuLume EZ provides your practice with a cost-effective, completely disposable, single-use, illuminated speculum that is a safer alternative to a reusable speculum. Its familiar design combines many superior features into one easy-to-use, disposable package. Use it once and safely dispose of it. You can trust it, and just as importantly, so can your patients.

To learn more about the benefits of the single-use SpecuLume EZ, please visit Cyalume Medical. Cyalume Medical: Patient care in a new light.

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