Best Ways Your Medical Practice Can Be More Environmentally Friendly

Over time, medical practices have committed to diminishing their impact on the environment. Many eco-friendly initiatives can both help the environment and minimize office expenses. Championing sustainability throughout a medical practice, especially a gynecology practice, will inform your staff members and patients of your commitment to bettering the world and medicine as a whole.

Implementing eco-friendly management strategies may seem overwhelming at first. A medical practice can start their journey towards sustainability by following these simple tips:

Try going paperless

The evolution of technology has allowed medical professionals to benefit from digital resources. These resources may include secure databases that store patient information, detailed scheduling platforms, or digital billing. Administrative strategies that integrate technology decrease a practice or clinic’s dependency on paper, ultimately reducing waste. For example, new patients can fill out digital registration forms, active patients can update insurance information on a secure database, and administrators can send appointment reminders via text message or email. Going completely paperless may not be realistic for every practice or clinic; however, implementing new strategies to minimize the use of paper can significantly reduce any office’s environmental impact.

Reduce energy inefficiencies

Medical practices require a significant amount of energy to operate at full capacity. External lighting, medical equipment, and other utilities can quickly deplete an office’s energy sources. Thankfully, there are energy-saving alternatives available to medical professionals. One energy efficient alternative to traditional medical lighting is chemiluminescence. Chemiluminescent light exudes a no-heat glow for up to 15 minutes, delivering ideal diffused light. This light source eliminates the need for electricity, batteries, or external light sources during a medical examination.

Avoid harmful chemical emissions

One way to combat harming the environment would be to implement supplementary lighting that does not emit harsh chemicals. Chemiluminescent light is regarded as an eco-friendly and a patient-safe light source. Additionally, medical practices can avoid excess sterilization by opting for single-use devices. Since single-use medical devices do not require thorough disinfection, there is no need to introduce additional harsh chemicals to the medical practice’s environment. For example, a reusable metal speculum is required to be disinfected and sterilized with aggressive detergents and solvents between uses. Some of these disinfectants often contain harsh chemicals, including proven carcinogens and mercury. These chemicals can compromise the safety of your patients, your staff members, and the overall environment.

The right single-use medical devices can completely streamline environmental practices within gynecology. Cyalume Medical’s SpecuLume EZ is a single-use, illuminated vaginal speculum that reduces the environmental impact of batteries, provides 100% non-toxic chemiluminescent light, and increases patient satisfaction. To learn more about the eco-friendly benefits of disposable speculums, please visit Cyalume Medical.

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