How Chemiluminescence Is Influencing Modern Medicine

Chemiluminescent light is leading a new wave of technology that is impacting modern medicine. Cyalume Medical, a division of Cyalume Technologies, is revolutionizing the way gynecology is practiced with its SpecuLume EZ, the vaginal speculum featuring chemiluminescence. This single-use medical device provides vivid illumination using patient-safe, chemiluminescent technology.

What is chemiluminescence?

Chemiluminescence offers a safer alternative to traditional lighting, like external lighting fixtures, alkaline batteries, and lithium-based batteries. Chemiluminescent light radiates a no-heat glow for at least 15 minutes, delivering ideal diffused light to sharpen a user’s focus. Chemiluminescence is an environmentally friendly and patient-safe light source.

How is chemiluminescence used in gynecology?

Before chemiluminescence, clinicians would perform vaginal examinations with external lighting or battery-powered LEDs. This lighting often needs to be constantly adjusted, routinely cleaned and disinfected between uses, or carefully stored when not in use. External light sources are not ideal solutions for physicians who seek to operate an efficient medical practice. That’s why Cyalume Medical introduced the SpecuLume EZ. It is now the first vaginal speculum to provide chemiluminescent illumination. Chemiluminescence does not rely on any external power sources. It is designed to provide consistent results regardless of setting or access to electricity.

Each SpecuLume EZ is packaged with a chemiluminescent light insert. To activate, use your thumbs to firmly squeeze the insert and snap the ampule inside. Shake the light insert to fully activate it. Alternatively, you may place the light insert on the counter and press down on it using the heel of your hand to activate it. This small light insert fits perfectly into the upper or lower blade of the SpecuLume EZ. It conveniently delivers bright, functional light directly to the point of examination for up to 15 minutes. Once used, it can be safely discarded in a clinical waste container. No disassembly is needed.

The SpecuLume EZ is capable of forever changing the way physicians utilize pelvic examination lighting. It combines the brilliance of chemiluminescent light with the functionality of a disposable speculum. The SpecuLume EZ elevates the physician’s experience by supplying true intravaginal lighting, reducing the environmental impact of batteries, and increasing patient satisfaction. Read more about the SpecuLume EZ by visiting Cyalume Medical.

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