What Are the Long-Term Benefits of Using the SpecuLume EZ?

Today’s medical landscape is rapidly changing. Physicians now have access to technology and equipment that can completely streamline traditional medical practices. With so many options on the market, medical devices need to be equally beneficial to both physicians and patients in order to stand out. One medical device projected to be the future of gynecology is Cyalume Medical’s SpecuLume EZ. What exactly are the long-term benefits of using the SpecuLume EZ throughout a medical practice? 

Increases examination efficiency

When a patient arrives at her gynecologist’s office, her visit may take longer than expected because of extended wait times. Some offices expect patients to wait past their scheduled appointment times; however, this extended wait adds to internal inefficiencies. By eliminating the need for in-office sterilization, the SpecuLume EZ facilitates shorter patient wait times and increased patient interaction. Additionally, an easy disposal process will streamline patient turnover. The SpecuLume EZ does not require cleaning or charging of batteries; therefore, physicians can simply dispose of the device in a clinical waste container once an examination is complete.

Improves patient comfort

In addition to shorter wait times, a medical practice will benefit from improved patient experiences. Patients have reported that outdated, clunky equipment used by healthcare practitioners can feel uncomfortable. Also, many speculums today make an unsettling clicking noise when used causing the patient to feel unnecessary anxiety. If patients expect discomfort, they are less likely to keep routine appointments. The SpecuLume EZ was designed to combat patient discomfort. This speculum’s design protects the patient from uncomfortable pinching with features like pinch guards. Unlike a traditional metal speculum, the SpecuLume EZ is made of a medical grade plastic that is pleasant to the touch. The SpecuLume EZ is available in three unique sizes: small, medium, and large. Varied speculum sizes increase patient comfort and make for a quick, personalized examination. All in all, the SpecuLume EZ’s optimized product design will increase patient satisfaction and patient retention.

Decreases overall practice costs

A disposable, chemiluminated speculum proves to be the most cost-effective speculum on the market today. Most standard speculums that provide illumination rely on batteries that can be expensive to replace. A disposable vaginal speculum that supports chemiluminescence has a lower cost-per-use than other devices with illumination. Sterlization costs can add up as well. The medical practice will need to purchase an autoclave, purchase disinfectants, pay to train staff members, pay to test equipment, pay for bookkeeping, and pay for miscellaneous inventory. Without costly lights, replacement batteries, and constant sterilization, the SpecuLume EZ can help a medical practice gradually save thousands of dollars each year.

Cyalume Medical’s innovative technology has the power to transform the way gynecologists run medical practices. The SpecuLume EZ has proven time and time again that it increases examination efficiency, improves patient comfort, and decreases overall medical practice costs. Gynecologists need medical devices with these benefits to conduct efficient and, most importantly, effective pelvic examinations. The SpecuLume EZ, a single-use, chemiluminated vaginal speculum, is an affordable and safer alternative to a reusable speculum. Learn more about the benefits of the SpecuLume EZ by contacting Cyalume Medical.

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