How to Keep Medical Staff Happy and Improve Your Practice

Retaining skilled, hard-working medical staff can be challenging. No private medical practice wants to have to deal with high employee turnover, especially when the practice is struggling to maintain consistency. How can you ensure your high-performing employees will stay on board for the long haul? Keep your staff members content and satisfied with these key tips:

Offer appropriate staff pay

While maintaining a fair budget is important to sustaining a private practice, appropriate spending on salaries and hourly pay will leave a lasting impact on employees. Now more than ever, healthcare employees feel empowered to earn the pay they work hard for. You should be allocating appropriate funds to employees based on skill, work ethic, etc. Be sure to conduct routine employee reviews where staff members have a chance to speak their minds, provide feedback, and asses goals to maximize potential.

Maintain healthy working conditions

Safety and cleanliness should be at the heart of your medical practice’s operations. Staff members need to work in a safe environment in order to facilitate successful patient visits, tests, and examinations. After all, how can healthcare workers promote good health if their working conditions are mediocre? That being said, schedule consistent office sanitations and enforce cleanliness throughout the practice. You will be a true ally to your staff by providing an environment that is comfortable and protected. Mental health is just as important, so be sure to offer helpful resources that will alleviate frustration caused by potentially unhealthy working conditions. 

Show your appreciation

 A simple way to keep your medical staff happy is to show your appreciation for their diligence and dedication to the practice. Staff members with positive attitudes will shed light on the practice as a whole, increasing patient satisfaction and overall morale. You can reward bright employees with verbal affirmations, personal achievement celebrations, or, if possible, monetary compensation.

Provide equipment for everyone to succeed

Your staff needs resources to complete safe, comfortable, and successful patient visits. Listen to their feedback regarding equipment and inventory. Provide them with modern devices that will streamline patient visits, ultimately increasing patient turnover and office transactions. Thankfully, advancements in medical technology have allowed practices of all sizes to reap the rewards of medical devices just like these: single-use devices. Single-use medical devices provide countless benefits to medical practices, staff members, and patients. Compared to reusable devices, they tend to be much more cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and most of all, safe.

Cyalume Medical’s SpecuLume EZ is a single-use, illuminated vaginal speculum that creates a more simplified examination experience. It streamlines the interaction between the physician and the patient due to its easy-to-use design and seamless functionality. The SpecuLume EZ uses optimal diffused chemiluminescent light to aid physicians during a pelvic examination. In fact, your staff will find the SpecuLume EZ to be the most effective speculum on the market.

Let us help you provide your practice with top-of-the-line single-use devices. Trust us, your employees will thank you. Visit Cyalume Medical for more information regarding the benefits of the SpecuLume EZ.

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