Does a Speculum’s Design Affect the Success of a Vaginal Examination?

Design is more than just aesthetic. Good design can accentuate the features of any tool, especially a medical device. A strategically designed medical device can positively impact a patient’s experience and a physician’s experience during an examination.

More specifically, a vaginal speculum’s design has the power to facilitate a successful pelvic examination. The SpecuLume EZ, by Cyalume Medical, is the perfect example of a speculum designed for functionality, efficiency, and comfort. How can the SpecuLume EZ achieve this through only its design?

The SpecuLume EZ eliminates distractions.

A patient’s experience during a pelvic exam is largely based on the gynecologist’s ability to complete the exam efficiently and effectively. If the patient and physician are concerned by mechanical issues or clunky devices, these distractions can lead to a huge mess. The SpecuLume EZ was designed to combat any unnecessary distractions that may stem from a traditional speculum. For example, the SpecuLume EZ features a single middle-bolt design. This design characteristic sets the SpecuLume EZ apart from other plastic speculums that use a noisy ratcheting mechanism with pre-determined settings. The SpecuLume EZ’s adjustable component raises quietly and smoothly, securely locking in place at any preferred point. It also features an easy-grip tightening nut to prevent the component from accidentally closing or slipping.

The SpecuLume EZ is a comfortable alternative to a standard metal speculum.

A medical device’s material has a lasting impact on the way a speculum performs and influences a patient’s examination. Traditional metal speculums are made of medical steel, meaning they feature a hard, cold exterior. Some patients do not mind the feeling of medical steel; however, others cringe at the touch of metal during a pelvic exam. The SpecuLume EZ is made of patient-safe plastic preferred by sensitive users. Additionally, Cyalume Medical designed three uniquely sized SpecuLume EZs: small, medium, and large. Varied speculum sizes allow for a personalized patient exam and streamlined experience.

The SpecuLume EZ reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

The use of a reusable speculum can expose patients and physicians to potential cross-contamination. Most speculums feature an intricate design with specific crevices, bolts, and openings. A vaginal speculum can easily hide biological debris within these areas. If reusable speculums, namely metal speculums, are not sterilized properly before or after use, harmful microorganisms are likely to transfer to another individual. A single-use speculum, like the SpecuLume EZ, can significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination during a vaginal examination. Physicians will use the speculum once on a single patient. Once used, they can safely dispose of the recyclable device. There is no need for lengthy sterilization practices that are prone to human error.

Cyalume Medical is paving the way for modern medicine with its single-use, chemiluminated vaginal speculum: SpecuLume EZ. This strategically designed, plastic, patient-safe speculum optimizes the physician and patient experience during a pelvic exam. It’s time to focus on functional design and welcome the SpecuLume EZ to your gynecological practice. For more information regarding the SpecuLume EZ, contact Cyalume Medical.

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