Key Patient Retention Strategies to Maintain During a Global Pandemic

A loyal patient base can keep a medical office above water during trying times. Patients often value an attentive staff, open communication, and safe medical practices. If your practice is struggling due to the consequences of the global pandemic, you should consider implementing these key patient retention strategies. 

Utilize your patient portal.

Recently, there has been a major boom in the use of patient portals across the industry. A patient portal, or a secure healthcare-related communication platform, gives patients 24/7 access to electronic health records, office information, test results, billing, etc. When functioning properly, a medical practice’s patient portal has the ability to increase patient engagement while providing an elevated level of transparency. A patient portal can be a reliable resource during times of crisis. Instead of bombarding staff with questions or concerns over the phone or in person, patients can log in to the patient portal for answers to their questions. Therefore, ensure your practice’s portal is consistently updated to support specific patient needs.

Take advantage of telehealth technology.

Now more than ever, medical offices are implementing new practices to alleviate the stress brought on by the global pandemic. From hospitals to private practices, medical hubs are offering this alternative form of examination to eliminate unnecessary in-person contact and crowding.  The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists describes telehealth as “the technology-enhanced health care framework that includes services such as virtual visits, remote patient monitoring, and mobile health care.” This technology has proved to be a dependable tool for patients seeking medical assistance or a diagnosis from a remote location.

Show you care.

A global pandemic can surface a patient’s worst fears and anxieties. As a medical professional, you have the power to relieve those pressures by showing you care. This can be done through your words and your actions. Maintaining a positive attitude and a sympathetic bedside manner can make a world of difference when explaining symptoms, conditions, or procedures to a patient. Physicians should be aware of a patient’s comfort levels at all times, especially when discussing sensitive information.

Showing you care can stem from more than just a conversation. If a patient must come to the office for a visit, be sure your staff is equipped to make that patient feel as comfortable as possible. The general environment and medical devices used during a patient’s examination can severely impact a patient’s experience. Reinforce safety and the importance of cleanliness at all times. Staff members should continue to exercise standardized sanitation practices in order to maintain a hygienic environment. Additionally, the medical office should stock devices that facilitate a safe, comfortable examination.

When it comes to gynecology, physicians can use vaginal speculums that are designed to ease a patient’s experience. Speculums should be made of a comfortable material and designed with functionality in mind. For example, metal speculums tend to be cold to the touch, causing patients to tense up during an exam. Consider using a plastic, single-use speculum to examine patients. If sizing is a topic of concern, select speculums that offer varied size options. Choosing an appropriately sized speculum for your patient can avoid uncomfortable pressure, pinching, or even pain.

Do not hesitate to do everything you can to keep your patients informed, comfortable, and safe. They will reward you with loyalty to your practice, even during a global pandemic. At Cyalume Medical, we are focused on providing modern medical devices that benefit both the patient and physician during an examination. Trust Cyalume Medical’s SpecuLume EZ to provide the safest care during a pelvic examination. This innovative vaginal speculum is changing women’s health practices by combining the brilliance of chemiluminescent light with a sleek, functional design. To learn more about the SpecuLume EZ, visit Cyalume Medical.


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