The Benefits of a Chemiluminated Medical Device

Chemiluminated medical devices are revolutionizing the way gynecology is practiced. Thanks to this modern lighting’s focus on safety, time efficiency, and cost effectiveness, chemiluminescence provides gynecologists with countless benefits seen before, during, and after a vaginal examination. 


A chemiluminated medical device will provide elevated lighting during a vaginal examination. Traditionally, medical lighting is used to help a physician navigate an examination area, uncover details that would otherwise remain hidden, or ease the stress that comes with examining a patient. Poor illumination hinders the physician during the examination, making it harder for the physician to view delicate crevices or avoid strain on his or her eyesight. Additionally, outdated medical lighting can lead to tissue confusion, unnecessary pinching, or incorrect tool placement.

How can physicians combat these issues? Chemiluminescence facilitates a safe and successful vaginal examination by emitting a brilliant no-heat glow. This modern lighting can be found in individual inserts that stay lit for at least 15 minutes after activation. Chemiluminescence eliminates the need for rechargeable batteries, harmful chemicals, or hazardous environmental impact.


Inefficient time management can be the downfall of any medical practice. By eliminating the need for in-office sterilization, chemiluminescent light inserts facilitate a streamlined workflow, decrease patient wait times, and increase patient interaction. The light insert boasts an easy disposal process, ultimately accelerating patient turnover. There is no cleaning or charging of batteries; therefore, physicians can quickly dispose of the light insert in a clinical waste container once an examination is complete. Time accumulates when the physician stops to adjust for low lighting. Trust chemiluminescence to be the reliable light source gynecologists prefer to use during a vaginal exam.


Looking to save money throughout your practice? Chemiluminescent light proves to be the most cost-effective option on the market today. Most standard light sources rely on batteries that can be expensive to replace. When it comes to medical devices, chemiluminescence has a lower cost-per-use compared to rechargeable batteries or pull-tab batteries. Sterilization costs can add up as well. The medical practice will need to purchase an autoclave, purchase disinfectants, pay to train staff members, pay to test equipment, pay for bookkeeping, and pay for miscellaneous inventory in order to sustain regular sterilization practices.

How can your gynecology practice gain access to chemiluminescence? By combining the brilliance of chemiluminescent light with the functionality of a disposable speculum, Cyalume Medical’s SpecuLume EZ is capable of transforming the way physicians utilize intravaginal lighting. This single-use, disposable speculum comes with a chemiluminescent light insert, providing optimal diffused light to the examination area without batteries, electricity, or external sources. It elevates the physician experience by supplying true intravaginal lighting, reducing the environmental impact of batteries, and increasing patient satisfaction. Best of all, the SpecuLume EZ can be safely disposed as clinical waste along with its corresponding chemiluminescent light insert.

To learn more about the benefits of chemiluminescence and the SpecuLume EZ, please visit Cyalume Medical. Cyalume Medical: Patient care in a new light.

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