Why Should Your Practice Use Disposable, Individually Packaged Medical Tools?

Single-use, or disposable, medical devices are universally preferred by physicians and medical staff. These tools are individually packaged, meaning they arrive without having come into contact with other devices or contaminants. These devices are intended to be used once on a single patient and immediately discarded as medical waste after an examination. Why should your medical practice use disposable, individually packaged medical tools? If you value safety, the answer is simple.

They improve patient safety.

Single-use medical devices that are individually packaged before use can minimize the risk of cross-contamination throughout a medical practice, clinic, or facility. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Using disposable items improves patient safety by eliminating the risk of patient-to-patient contamination because the item is discarded and not used on another patient.” This method of preserving patient safety by using disposable devices is followed throughout many specialties that evaluate external body orifices, including gynecology, dentistry, and otolaryngology.

They can be an eco-friendly alternative to reusable medical devices.

Today, medical practices are investing in ways to reduce the amount of sterilization chemicals used to maintain day-to-day operations. This need introduces eco-friendly concepts to traditional medical practices. First, there is no need to use harsh sterilization chemicals when single-use devices are employed. Reusable devices are required to be sterilized with aggressive detergents and solvents between uses. Some of these disinfectants often contain harsh chemicals that can compromise the physical environment or air quality of a medical practice. Additionally, an individually packaged disposable speculum can be wrapped in eco-safe and recyclable plastic. Once opened, physicians can recycle that eco-friendly packaging.

They can be easily stored.

Individually packaged medical devices can be stored among other devices used during the same examination. Office staff do not have to worry about keeping these packaged devices in completely sterile environments that are closed off from potential contamination. For example, a gynecology office can store individually packaged single-use speculums in the same area as other examination tools, like cotton tip applicators, swab sticks, alcohol prep pads, or catheters. Individually packaged medical devices allow for storage flexibility throughout a practice, clinic, or facility.

Specifically, gynecologists need medical tools with these benefits to conduct efficient and effective pelvic examinations. The SpecuLume EZ, by Cyalume Medical, proves individually wrapped medical devices can accomplish that goal. This single-use, chemiluminated speculum is a safer alternative to a reusable speculum. It avoids harmful chemicals that pose health risks to patients, reduces risks of cross-contamination or infection, and is easily disposable after one use. Its patient-safe light source, a chemiluminescent light insert, emits a no-heat glow for up to 15 minutes; and it comes bundled with the plastic speculum in one individual package.

Do not wait to switch to disposable, individually packaged medical devices. Contact Cyalume Medical for more information regarding the SpecuLume EZ or its patient-safe benefits.


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