What Drives Physicians to Opt for Single-Use Medical Devices?

Reusable devices versus single-use devices: that is the age-old battle when it comes to medical inventory. Each individual medical practice will have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both options; however, many will find that single-use devices are universally preferred among physicians across a variety of healthcare specialties. What drives physicians to choose single-use medical devices over reusable medical devices? First, let’s dive into the basics behind single-use, or disposable, medical devices.

What is a single-use medical device?

A single-use medical device is a medical instrument that is used once on a single patient and immediately discarded after use. No pre-sterilization or post-sterilization of the device is necessary to facilitate a safe examination or procedure. Single-use devices are not intended to be reprocessed after use. By using disposable medical devices, patient safety can be preserved by eliminating the risk of patient-to-patient contamination. These medical devices typically come individually packaged in material safe for storing, sorting, and sterile use.

What are the benefits of single-use medical devices?

 Single-use medical devices significantly decrease risks of cross-contamination among patients and clinicians. Due to a single-use device’s disposability, it will only ever see one patient rather than several patients in a short period of time. These devices contribute to a sterile environment, and they avoid the transmission of biodebris from individual to individual. With less risk of cross-contamination, physicians can rest assured malpractice or personal injury legal threats will be minimized as well. Additionally, a single-use medical device is a cost-effective alternative to expensive reusable devices. Supplementary sterilization expenses, like equipment, solvents, training, and technology, can be costly. This device will ultimately reduce long-term expenses and save a medical practice thousands of dollars annually.

Introducing the SpecuLume EZ: the single-use chemiluminated speculum

The SpecuLume EZ, by Cyalume Medical, is a safer, more efficient alternative to a reusable speculum. It avoids harmful chemicals that pose health risks to patients, reduces risks of cross-contamination or infection, and is easily disposable after one use. Its patient-safe light source, a chemiluminescent light insert, emits a no-heat glow for up to 15 minutes; and it comes bundled with the plastic speculum in one individual package. This disposable speculum requires no disassembly or deactivation. Simply toss the entire device along with the light insert into a clinical waste container. There are no chemicals, batteries, or hazardous waste management requirements.

All in all, physicians are eager to continue using single-use medical devices and find new ways to integrate them into future practices. Still not using single-use devices throughout your practice? It is never too late to switch to disposable medical devices. Contact Cyalume Medical for more information regarding the single-use SpecuLume EZ or its patient-safe benefits.


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