The Benefits of Using Individually Packaged Medical Devices

Single-use medical devices are individually packaged. This means they are ready for use without having come into contact with other medical devices, equipment, or contaminants. These devices are intended to be used once on a single patient and immediately discarded as medical waste after an examination. What are the benefits of using individually packaged medical devices?

Saves time between patient exams

Reinforcing the importance of punctuality throughout a medical practice can avoid negative patient experiences and increase patient turnover. Offices that supply individually packaged medical devices can provide clinicians with the flexibility they need between separate pelvic exams. Time formerly used to reprocess medical devices can now be used to nurture an interpersonal patient relationship, prepare for an incoming patient, or complete necessary administrative duties.

Safely transports from room to room

Thanks to a single-use device’s individual packaging, it can be stored alongside other related devices in a medical practice, clinic, or facility. Office staff do not have to worry about keeping these packaged devices in completely sterile environments that are closed off from potential contamination. Additionally, clinicians can safely transport an individually packaged medical device from room to room. For example, a single-use medical device that remains in its respective packaging can be moved throughout the building without having to be sterilized. Once the disposable medical device is removed from the packaging, it can be used once on a single patient.

Promotes confidence in medical device performance

With an individually packaged medical device to rely on, clinicians can rest assured the tool will exceed performance expectations. The medical device will have not been tampered with, as its individual packaging proves the clinician will be the first to put the tool to immediate use. All of the device’s features will function just as they were intended to. More importantly, single-use medical devices that are individually packaged will give clinicians the confidence they need to complete a safe, streamlined examination.

Is your practice equipped with the right tools to conduct a successful pelvic exam? Physicians can benefit from using an individually packaged speculum to safely examine a female patient. The SpecuLume EZ by Cyalume Medical proves individually wrapped medical devices can accomplish that goal. This single-use, chemiluminated speculum is a safer alternative to a reusable speculum. It avoids harmful chemicals that pose health risks to patients, reduces risks of cross-contamination or infection, and is easily disposable after one use. Its patient-safe light source, a chemiluminescent light insert, emits a no-heat glow for up to 15 minutes; and it comes bundled with the plastic speculum in one individual package.

Learn more about the benefits of individually packaged medical devices by contacting Cyalume Medical. You will soon understand why the SpecuLume EZ is the single-use speculum that will elevate your medical practice.

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