How Can the SpecuLume EZ Save Your Practice Money?

Cyalume Medical’s SpecuLume EZ, the single-use chemiluminated vaginal speculum, can provide physicians, patients, and medical practices with an array of key benefits – like the benefit of being cost-effective. This modern medical device was specifically designed to combat cross-contamination, increase patient comfort levels, and increase patient turnover. That being said, how exactly can the SpecuLume EZ save your practice money? 


Although reusable speculums have traditionally been used by physicians for many years, present day medicine calls for modern devices that can keep up with evolving needs and budgets. Committing to using a metal reusable speculum throughout your practice means you will commit to a plethora of hidden operational and sterilization costs. More specifically, each reusable speculum needs to be thoroughly sterilized before and after one use on a single patient. The time, materials, and manpower needed to sterilize these devices can be costly to maintain. In fact, the cost breakdown of using reusable speculums can run up to tens of thousands of dollars annually. Using a disposable vaginal speculum, like the SpecuLume EZ, can alleviate that costly burden and help your practice reallocate that budget to other resources.

Ease of use

The SpecuLume EZ’s ease of use allows medical practices to streamline internal operations, ultimately decreasing patient wait times and increasing patient turnover. Physicians will spend less time preparing materials and devices for each unique pelvic examination because excess sterilization efforts can be eliminated. Additionally, the SpecuLume EZ’s functional design simplifies and accelerates each examination. The device features a single middle-bolt design that avoids loud ratcheting distractions, an adjustable component that raises quietly and smoothly, and an easy-grip tightening nut to prevent the component from accidentally closing or slipping. All in all, the SpecuLume EZ’s seamless functionality makes an impact on a medical practice’s operational costs. 

Chemiluminescent light

Most standard light sources used during a pelvic examination rely on costly batteries. Chemiluminescence, the light source included with each SpecuLume EZ, introduces a lower cost-per-use compared to the rechargeable batteries or pull-tab batteries used with existing vaginal speculums. This modern lighting will last the entirety of a standard pelvic exam (up to 15 minutes). Since a chemiluminescent light insert can be disposed as clinical waste after one use, there will be no need for excess sterilization of reusable batteries. A practice using reusable lighting will need to purchase an autoclave, purchase disinfectants, pay to train staff members, pay to test equipment, pay for bookkeeping, and pay for miscellaneous inventory in order to manage the sterilization of rechargeable batteries.

Cyalume Medical’s innovative SpecuLume EZ increases examination efficiency, improves patient comfort, and decreases overall medical practice costs. Physicians need a speculum with these benefits to conduct efficient and, most importantly, effective pelvic examinations. The SpecuLume EZ is the affordable speculum solution medical practices have been asking for. Ready to request your sample? Contact Cyalume Medical today, and try the modern marvel: the SpecuLume EZ.

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