Everything You Need to Know About Chemiluminescence Used in Medicine

Developments in technology have brought medicine many practical innovations, including advancements in tools, devices, and equipment. Chemiluminescence, a non-heat emission of light, is one of those advancements. If you are considering incorporating chemiluminescence with your facility’s current practices, you may want to dive deeper into the details behind chemiluminescent light.

Understanding Chemiluminescence

Chemiluminescence, the light source activated by a non-toxic, user-safe chemical reaction, is an ideal alternative to traditional lighting that relies on electricity. The key ingredients are often stored in a plastic cartridge that can be easily transported and installed on larger devices or equipment. To activate the light, apply pressure to the physical cartridge. That will release two ingredients which combine to produce energy at a specific controlled rate. A third ingredient will then absorb this energy and convert it to the desired color of light. Chemiluminescent light radiates a no-heat glow, delivering diffused light to the projected area. This light source is an environmentally friendly and user-safe light source.

Using Chemiluminescence Throughout Medicine

Since its introduction, chemiluminescent light has been adapted to a variety of medical specialties. These specialties include pharmaceutical production, clinical science, biomedical research, forensic medicine, cancer treatment, and even gynecology. Its unique emission process, sensitivity to hidden organisms, and simple disposability allow for an optimal user experience.

Using Chemiluminescence Throughout Gynecology

Cyalume Medical, the technology company producing modern medical devices, introduced the SpecuLume EZ to fully incorporate chemiluminescence in gynecological practices. The SpecuLume EZ is the first vaginal speculum to provide chemiluminescent illumination rather than traditional battery-powered illumination. Before chemiluminescence, clinicians would perform vaginal examinations using external lighting or battery-powered LEDs. Now, clinicians can rely on a small, non-toxic chemiluminescent insert that performs just as well as traditional alternatives. The SpecuLume EZ was designed to provide consistent results regardless of setting, access to electricity, or examination area.

Each individual SpecuLume EZ is packaged with a chemiluminescent light insert. To activate, use your thumbs to firmly squeeze the insert and snap the ampule inside. Shake the light insert to fully activate it. You may also place the light insert on the counter and press down on it using the heel of your hand to activate it. This small light insert fits perfectly into the upper or lower blade of the SpecuLume EZ. It conveniently delivers bright, functional light directly to the point of examination for up to 15 minutes. Once used, the light insert can be safely discarded in a clinical waste container along with the entire speculum.

An innovative way to practice medicine awaits. Physicians can trust the SpecuLume EZ will help facilitate a successful vaginal examination by supplying true intravaginal lighting, reducing the environmental impact of batteries, and increasing patient and physician satisfaction. Request a sample of the SpecuLume EZ by visiting Cyalume Medical.

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