How to Increase Efficiency Throughout Your Medical Practice

These days, medical facilities are always looking for ways to streamline internal and external practices. They want to keep operations running efficiently and effectively, so both physicians and patients are getting what they need to complete successful appointments. At Cyalume Medical, we understand the challenges medical practices face in order to keep day-to-day inner workings streamlined. That is why we have compiled these straightforward tips to increase efficiency throughout a medical practice.

Manage wait times.

It is common for medical teams to run past appointment times due to extended appointments, no-show patients, or emergency situations; however, those who manage a medical practice can reinforce the importance of punctuality with staff members to avoid negative patient experiences and slow patient turnover. If a staff member is unsure of how much time to allocate between appointments, encourage administrators to set up a month-trial timeline to test the flow of your medical practice. This technique will allow your team a better understanding of high traffic hours, how to properly space out appointments, and how to increase overall efficiency.

Offer mobile solutions.

Whether it be through mobile equipment or telehealth services, your medical practice would benefit from implementing reliable mobile solutions. Mobile equipment allows your staff and physicians the flexibility they need to move around the facility quicker and easier than ever before. Gone are the days of depending on stationary electricity to power up medical equipment. In fact, most physicians prefer mobile equipment, like mobile surgical tables, ventilators, or EKG monitors. Additionally, physicians and patients can benefit from telehealth services. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists describes telehealth as “the technology-enhanced health care framework that includes services such as virtual visits, remote patient monitoring, and mobile health care.” This technology has proven to increase efficiency throughout a medical practice, ultimately increasing the number of patients a medical practice can see a day and decreasing risks of cross-contamination.

Stock up on single-use medical devices.

Single-use medical devices are efficient alternatives to traditional devices that require lengthy sterilization processes. They come individually wrapped, contain everything you need for use in one singular package, and can be safely disposed once used on one patient. More specifically, single-use speculums accelerate the time it takes to complete a single vaginal examination, and they significantly decrease risks of cross-contamination among patients, gynecologists, and office staff members. With quicker exam completion times and low risks of cross-contamination, single-use speculums are sure to increase efficiency throughout your medical practice.

Cyalume Medical, the modern medical device company, provides tangible solutions to the problems experienced by medical practices today. The company carefully designed and released the SpecuLume EZ, a single-use speculum featuring easy-to-use chemiluminescence. The SpecuLume EZ combines the functionality of a disposable speculum with the brilliance of chemiluminescent light. To learn more about what the SpecuLume EZ can do for your medical practice, visit Cyalume Medical.

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