What Are the Benefits of Using Chemiluminescence in a Medical Setting?

The light source activated by a non-toxic, user-safe chemical reaction, also known as chemiluminescence, is an ideal alternative to traditional lighting used in a medical setting. The key ingredients that ignite chemiluminescence are often stored in a plastic cartridge that can be easily transported and installed on larger medical devices. Best of all, chemiluminescent light radiates a no-heat glow, delivering diffused light to the projected area during a physical examination.

Chemiluminescent light has been used throughout a variety of specialties since its introduction to medicine. These specialties include pharmaceutical production, clinical science, biomedical research, forensic medicine, cancer treatment, and even gynecology.

The Benefits of Chemiluminescence

Why exactly do physicians of many different specialties prefer chemiluminescent light during examinations or medical treatment? Frankly, chemiluminescent light’s focus on safety, time efficiency, and cost effectiveness provides physicians with benefits rarely seen all together by any other light source in a medical setting.

  • Chemiluminescent light is safe to use. Poor illumination disrupts the physician during any physical examination. It makes it harder for the physician to view delicate crevices or avoid strain on his or her eyesight. Outdated medical lighting can lead to tissue confusion, unnecessary pinching, or incorrect tool placement. Physicians can combat these issues by opting for chemiluminescence as a primary light source during a detailed examination. Additionally, chemiluminescence eliminates the need for rechargeable batteries, harmful chemicals, or hazardous environmental impact.
  • Chemiluminescent light saves time. Chemiluminescent light inserts eliminate the need for in-office sterilization, facilitate a streamlined workflow, decrease patient wait times, and increase patient-physician interaction. The light insert boasts an easy disposal process, which accelerates patient turnover. There is no need for the cleaning or charging of batteries. That way, physicians can quickly dispose of the light insert as clinical waste once an examination is complete.
  • Chemiluminescent light is a cost-effective alternative to traditional lighting. Most standard light sources used in a medical setting rely on batteries that can be expensive to replace. When it comes to medical devices, chemiluminescence has a lower cost-per-use compared to rechargeable batteries or pull-tab batteries. Sterilization costs can add up as well. The medical practice will need to purchase an autoclave, purchase disinfectants, pay to train staff members, pay to test equipment, pay for bookkeeping, and pay for miscellaneous inventory in order to sustain regular sterilization practices.

Using Chemiluminescence in a Gynecological Setting

Cyalume Medical has created the SpecuLume EZ to elevate gynecological practices by introducing chemiluminescence to the medical landscape. More specifically, the SpecuLume EZ is the first vaginal speculum to provide chemiluminescent illumination rather than traditional battery-powered illumination. Today, physicians can rely on a small, non-toxic chemiluminescent insert that performs just as well as traditional alternatives. The SpecuLume EZ was designed to provide consistent results regardless of setting, access to electricity, or examination area. In fact, each SpecuLume EZ arrives individually packaged with its own unique chemiluminescent light insert as well.

Try it out for yourself. Request a sample of the SpecuLume EZ by visiting Cyalume Medical.

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