Which Features Matter When It Comes to Choosing a Speculum?

Speculume EZ

Women’s health clinicians need to stock up on medical devices that promise an elevated performance and facilitate successful vaginal examinations. A speculum, the common medical tool used on female patients, should provide specific features that help streamline a standard pelvic exam. Which features matter when it comes to choosing a speculum to use throughout your practice? Cyalume Medical can help break it down for you.


Convenient Disposability


A disposable speculum significantly decreases risks of cross-contamination among patients and clinicians. The disposable, single-use speculum will only ever be used on one patient rather than several patients in a short period of time. That way, a disposable speculum can avoid the transmission of biodebris from patient to patient. Disposability safely ensures the clinician will be time-efficient between appointments as well. Finally, disposable speculums are cost-effective, meaning they have a lower cost per use in comparison to traditional speculums. Supplementary sterilization expenses, like equipment, solvents, training, and technology, can be costly. A disposable speculum will ultimately reduce long-term expenses and save a medical practice thousands of dollars annually.


Functional Design


With a functional design, the right speculum can combat unnecessary distractions that may derail a pelvic exam. For example, a single middle-bolt design allows for seamless mechanics and eliminates noisy ratcheting sounds. Adjustable components should raise and lower quietly and smoothly, securely locking in place at any preferred point. A functional speculum should also feature an easy-grip tightening nut to prevent components or blades from accidentally closing or slipping. All in all, a functional design will keep the clinician focused. It will simplify usability and promote a successful examination.


Modern Lighting


The vaginal area requires sufficient lighting to be properly examined by a clinician. Poor illumination will not allow for a clear view of delicate details or crevices that can lead to thorough results. Low lighting can put a strain on the clinician’s eyesight, making it even harder to view the examination area. This can lead to tissue confusion, unnecessary pinching, or incorrect tool placement. Illumination included in the design of a medical device proves to be the highest performing lighting option.


Chemiluminescence provides optimal diffused light to the vaginal examination area without the need for batteries, electricity, or external sources. It elevates the clinician experience by supplying true intravaginal lighting for up to 15 minutes after activation. Chemiluminescent light inserts can be placed inside either of a speculum’s blades, used to examine a patient, and safely disposed as clinical waste along with the single-use speculum itself.


Are you interested in using a top-of-the-line speculum that provides all of these features? The SpecuLume EZ (designed by Cyalume Medical) has proven to be successful time and time again through its disposability, functional design, and modern lighting. Clinicians need medical devices with these features to conduct efficient and, most importantly, effective pelvic examinations. Learn more about the benefits of the SpecuLume EZ by contacting Cyalume Medical today.

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