COVID-19 Today: How Is the Virus Affecting Gynecology?

Once again, due to the upswing of COVID cases many patients may find themselves having their routine, non-emergency medical appointments delayed. Medical professionals are having to navigate patient safety concerns with mask mandates, gloves and sanitizer (for both providers and patients) becoming even more of a mainstay in most medical offices and hospitals. Since it appears that we are on an upswing, there is more reason to remain vigilant with many of the rules that were put in place when COVID-19 began. Even before the pandemic, concerns regarding cross-contamination were closely scrutinized. But now more than ever, those concerns demand more of a laser focus with the virus still impacting us.

While Cyalume created the SpecuLume EZ far before COVID-19, the new pandemic normal has undoubtedly skyrocketed its popularity. It’s an obvious choice in a world where we need to be much more rigid about cross-contamination from tools used more than once across multiple patients. Since the SpecuLume EZ is a one-time use, disposable speculum, it provides massive benefits to providers, especially in a post-pandemic world.

Combined with the growing list of benefits, Cyalume is providing both clinicians and patients with an additionally layer of safety. Patients should be able to attend gynecological appointments with peace of mind that their physician is taking extra steps to eliminate instances of cross-contamination. One of the easiest ways to do that is to work with single-use devices that provide a safer option, Cyalume’s SpecuLume EZ accomplishes that with the added bonus of a more comfortable experience for the patient.  The chemiluminescent technology contains no heat, no unsafe chemicals and can be positioned on the upper or lower blade. No loud, uncomfortable ratcheting mechanisms and handles positioned outward away from the patient to provide more space between the clinician’s hands and the patient.

It’s crucial to be vigilant about patient safety and a single-use device is a no brainer in today’s medical landscape.

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