How Cyalume is Building a Better Patient Experience

The patient experience is made up of many components and moving parts that all work together – technology, expertise, skilled healthcare providers and more. At Cyalume, we are dedicated to doing our part to create the best patient experience possible. Our 40 years of experience as a leader in chemical light solutions, and as an FDA registered company, we bring a unique view into the patient experience and how we can continue to enhance it. Our revolutionary single-use chemiluminated medical devices offer such unparalleled quality.

Our SpecuLume EZ uses this technology to provide brilliant diffused intravaginal illumination with a single-use plastic, disposable speculum. It’s the closest version of a plastic speculum to the standard metal speculum on the market today, combined with the added bonus of effective illumination.

How is it improving patient experience?

  • Single-middle bolt silently and smoothly elevates then securely locks the upper blade eliminating the noisy ratcheting sound in other speculums that have been known to cause discomfort
  • Light insert can be used on the upper or lower blade allowing the clinician more flexibility for optimal bright illumination
  • Large user opening that provides clinician with greater visual access and room for inserting instruments
  • Handles are at a 10-degree angle outward, away from the patient, providing more space between them and the clinicians hands

Why is it revered among clinicians who use it with their patients?

  • It’s specifically designed to improve patient and clinician interaction
  • Improves clinical performance
  • Environmentally friendly and cost-effective
  • Easy-to-use, sturdy design

With precision and reliability, our products are in use every single day in critical and even life-saving roles. The wealth of science and engineering behind our products allows health care providers and patients a high level of confidence when they are in use. There’s also tremendous peace of mind knowing that there are no harmful chemicals in any of our chemiluminescent items, making them safer for patients as well as the environment. Our products are our commitment to consistently improving the patient experience are the crux of our mission and our company.

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