The Most Reliable Tools Used Throughout Women’s Health Practices

Women should have access to knowledge, resources and tools that allow them to feel empowered about their health care. Medical technology and research continue to open the doors to more pertinent information about women’s health concerns and how we can better address them. Physicians everywhere are continuing to broaden their scope of knowledge and expertise and female patients are becoming savvier advocates for themselves and their loved ones

At Cyalume, we want to contribute to this empowerment and keep moving the needle. Tools and devices should be consistent and reliable. There are three ways for women’s health professionals to provide that reliability right now.

  • Maximize daily technology. For example, you have a database of patients who trust and respect you, so ask for their feedback. Enlist the help of surveys you can send to your patient roster to see where you are shining and where you need some improvement. Your patients have a great view and perspective of your facilities and staff. Tap that knowledge base and use it to improve and evolve.


  • Let there be light. Chemiluminescence to be more specific. Our SpecuLume EZ speculum utilizes this technology because it’s safer, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Clinicians have more flexibility during exams and patients are more comfortable. It’s an innovation that is changing women’s health practices in facilities across the globe.


  • One and done. There is no need to use archaic vaginal speculums when the SpecuLume EZ offers an easy, single-use option. You can eliminate the cause of cross-contamination by eliminating tools that are used more than once.

 This is by no means an exhaustive list, rather a starting point. These are three solid ways, women’s health care practices can begin to enhance the overall patient experience and create momentum in that area. Cyalume believes in the continued empowerment of female patients and arming them with resources to impact their health care experiences. With continued efforts from medical device and technology companies, we can make a positive impact for women’s health care on a larger scale.

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