Common Complications Caused by Traditional Speculums

While there are tried and true practices that accompany medical exams and processes, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a healthy dose of improvement. This is certainly the case with the design and functionality of traditional speculums. Check out these four common challenges associated with old school speculums and how SpecuLume EZ is solving them.


Inaccurate diagnosis: Good exams require reliable and precise tools. Traditional speculums are clunky, rigid and can be challenging to position correctly at times. They leave too much room for error in missing a diagnosis. The SpecuLume EZ’s large user opening provides the clinician with much greater visual access during exams. Additionally, the safe, light source illuminates the exam area to add another layer of efficiency.


Discomfort and pain: The gripes related to the speculum among patients undergoing gynecological exams are far too many to keep track of. Some even compare its physical appearance to a torture device. Considering it was invented in the 1800s, there’s certainly been much time to make much needed improvements. SpecuLume EZ uses plastic instead of cold, surgical metal. There’s no off-putting ratcheting sound and its smooth and secure locking system eliminates the risk of pinching.


Possible injury: While not incredibly common, locking mechanisms on various designs of speculums can cause pain to patients. It’s also not always a smooth experience inserting or removing a traditional speculum. The SpecuLume EZ is designed specifically for ease-of-use for the provider and enhanced comfort for the patient. The handle is at a 10-degree angle to allow more space between the clinician’s hand and the patient.


Unnecessary spreading of germs: While there are rigid sterilization processes medical offices use to keep instruments clean, there is always room for human error. Traditional speculums are used repetitively and sterilized between patients. But the only way to truly decrease the chances of cross-contamination lie in utilizing one-use tools like SpecuLume EZ.


SpecuLume EZ is a one-time use tool that provides long-lasting and wide-reaching benefits. From enhancing the precision of exams to increasing patient comfort, the innovative design lends itself to revolutionizing gynecological exams.


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