Five Things Your Patients Hate Most About Traditional Speculums

Gynecological exams aren’t exactly at the top of the list for how women want to spend their time. Sliding into the stirrups can be anxiety-inducing enough and when that speculum makes an appearance, women everywhere cringe. We do it because we know it’s important to proactively get regular exams and screenings, but the traditional speculum is a real downer because of some major design flaws. In what some patients already dread as an uncomfortable appointment, the archaic design of a speculum doesn’t exactly help. But the SpecuLume EZ by Cyalume is a game changer for the old way. We have tackled the biggest complaints from patients to offer a new design that promises to remove the discomfort caused by other speculums.


  • No more metal. Say goodbye to the cold, hard metal and hello to a more modern, sleek plastic design that is much more comfortable and also meant for single use instead of being used across patients.
  • No more 90-degree angle. The unforgiving 90-degree angle necessary for providers to do an effective exam is cumbersome for clinicians and uncomfortable for patients. The handles of the Speculume EZ are at a 10-degree angle away from the patient to make it easier to navigate and also allow for more space between the provider’s hands and the patient.
  • No more pinching. Anytime a speculum where the upper blade gets elevated is used there is a risk of pinching when its lowered for removal. Our pinch guards help to protect the patient by blocking that potential pinch point on the device.
  • No more cross-contamination. There is no need for repetitive use and constant sterilization of an old speculum when you can use the Speculum EZ once and toss it. No sharing germs and no wasting time cleaning tools to reuse.
  • LIGHT IT UP! Among all of the enhance features that make Speculum EZ a revolutionary tool for patient care, it also has the added bonus of an easy-to-activate light cartridge that provides brilliant, diffused illumination instead of a harsh beam or ring of light.


Our SpecuLume EZ is a benefit to clinicians and patients alike and offers a newer, more comfortable and efficient ways to administer exams.

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