Help Stop The Spread of HPV with Single-Use Speculums

Approximately 79 million Americans are infected with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) according to the Cleveland Clinic. With an additional 14 million newly infected each year. While the majority of HPV transmissions can be attributed to sexual contact, it’s also possible to spread HPV through subpar sterilization of medical devices and tools, such as speculums.


While there is a preventative vaccine for younger populations to hopefully guard them against HPV, there is no treatment for those who contract it. HPV can cause genital warts as well as cause cervical cancer. As a matter of fact, women ages 3- to 65 are recommended to undergo pap smears regularly to screen for things such as cervical cancer. Part of that screening relies heavily on the use of a speculum to conduct an effective gynecological exam.


There are a host of complaints about the design and function of traditional speculums, and they also require consistent and rigid sterilization for reuse in other patients. But if you had the option of a single use speculum instead, wouldn’t that be a better route? We think so!


The SpecuLume EZ solves so many challenges presented by traditional speculums. Clinicians find it easier to use all around and patients receive a much more comfortable exam as well. Plus, instead of having to aim or direct the light source, The SpecuLume EZ uses intravaginal illumination to provide a better view of the exam area. But when it comes to preventing cross-contamination and limited the spread of germs or worse, things like HPV, SpecuLume EZ’s greatest benefit is the fact that it’s one-time use tool. That means that after the provider uses it on a patient, that’s it! No repetitive use of the same tool across a patient populate translates to a much lower chance of spreading germs that can be very harmful and even cause HPV.


There is a better and safer method that reduces risk and SpecuLume EZ is paving the way!

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