Holiday Lights Have Nothing on Us!

It’s starting. The season where homes and businesses everywhere get all outfitted for the holiday season. Little by little the twinkling lights are starting to emerge. Soon, everywhere you look, neighborhoods will be illuminated by the glow and flicker of lights setting the tone for the season.

But all of those lights have nothing on the power of our light in the SpecuLumeEZ. It’s our unique chemiluminescent light that makes our single use speculum so spectacular.  The SpecuLume EZ is changing women’s health by providing optimal diffused light to exam areas. No batteries. No electrical sources. Plus, the brilliant white chemical light can be used on the upper or lower blade of the speculum to suit the clinician’s preference.

SpecuLume EZ allows for intravaginal illumination and it’s the only disposable speculum on the market that can accomplish this level of visibility into the examination areas. The light contains no harmful chemicals that would cause concern for patients, and it never generates any heat.

The light is just one of the hallmarks of SpecuLume EZ’s revolutionary design.  It also boasts:

  • A large user opening to give clinicians greater visibility for exams.
  • Handles that are at a 10-degree outward angle so they face away from the patient and leave more room between the patient and the clinician’s hands.
  • A single middle bolt for smoother elevation. It locks the upper blade instead of the uncomfortable ratcheting found in traditional speculums.

All of the features combined make the SpecuLume EZ an unparalleled option for the utmost in patient care and safety as well as clinician effectives and accuracy during exams.

So, yeah, holiday lights are cool, but the SpecuLume EZ’s environmentally safe chemiluminescent light is the real star of the show since it’s raising the bar even higher in the field of women’s health care. We’ll light up for the holiday season and every other one to keep patient care a top priority year-round!

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