The Gift of Better Healthcare for Women

Healthcare is always benefitting from different advances in technology and processes. At Cyalume, we know because we are on the forefront of changing women’s health care. Our SpecuLume EZ is shifting patient care and clinician effectiveness. Many women and clinicians alike have gripes about annual exams at the gynecologist. And if you ask why, you’ll likely receive a lot of feedback about the use of the speculum.

Traditional speculums have been known to cause discomfort and to be cumbersome for the clinician to operate. But Cyalume is changing that with the SpecuLume EZ.

Gone are the days when women have to endure that awful and sometimes even uncomfortable ratcheting noise among other design flaws. Our speculum is next level and is flipping the script on what those annual exams look like.

The SpecuLume EZ is a cutting-edge one-time use speculum packed with features that benefit both clinician and patient.

  • Our unique chemiluminescent light provides intravaginal illumination for more visibility during exams.
  • The light does not have any heat, electrical sources, or any harmful chemicals.
  • The old school ratcheting mechanism is replaced with a single middle bolt that elevates silently and locks securely.
  • A large opening gives the clinician a greater view for exams.
  • Because the handles face away from the patient at 10 degrees, there is more space between the clinician’s hands and the patient.
  • Since it’s disposable after one use the risk of spreading germs or infection is eliminated.
  • It’s cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Cyalume wants clinicians and patients to see that there is simply a better way. The SpecuLume EZ is improving the exam process for patients in every office where it’s in use. And that list continues to grow as clinicians see the visible benefit of our technology. Let’s keep giving the gift of better care. Your patients deserve it, and we can help you deliver. Happy Holidays from all of us at Cyalume.

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