Shining a Light on Women’s Health

Cyalume Medical Supports Womens Health

While the SpecuLume EZ speculum has a list of benefits, the real star is the light. The single use speculum offers brilliant diffused intra-vaginal illumination using chemiluminescent technology. What that means for clinicians is greater visibility for the exam area, and more thorough, comprehensive exams for patients. With this game-changing light, everybody wins.


So how does it actually work? When the clinician requires light, they squeeze and snap the plastic cartridge which then releases two ingredients – an oxalate ester and a catalyst – that combine to product energy at a specific controlled rate. Then a third ingredient – a fluorescer – absorbs the energy, converting it to the desired color. The light created by this combination will last for at least 15 minutes giving clinicians the idea amount of diffused light for OBGYN exams.


Not only does the light enhance exams, but it’s 100 percent safe for patients.

  • The light source does not generate any heat, so it won’t be uncomfortable for the patient.
  • Contains no harmful or toxic chemicals.
  • No batteries or electricity.
  • All elements are non-hazardous and non-carcinogenic.


Additionally, the light insert can be positioned on either the upper or lower blades of the SpecuLume EZ, giving the clinician more flexibility. When the exam is over, the entire SpecuLume EZ is discarded as medical waste. No disassembling. No sanitizing. No reuse. That means no risk of cross-contamination between patients.


The design and functionality of the SpecuLume EZ are geared toward enhancing women’s healthcare. It creates a more positive experience for patients while simultaneously enhancing the clinician’s ability to perform exams. Everything about the design is geared toward comfort – the silent elevation, the sturdy design and the chemiluminescent technology. Let’s use 2022 to do even more to advance women’s healthcare. We’ll do our part to keep the light shining bright!