Let’s Hear it for International Women’s History Month!


In March we celebrate International Women’s History Month, and we are here for that celebration. As a company focused on improving and driving innovation in women’s healthcare, we love honoring smart, strong and impactful women. There is no denying the imprint so many powerful women have made in our world and there is no list that will ever be complete enough to recognize all of them. And at Cyalume, we are working hard every single day to enhance the experience for women visiting their doctor.

How are we contributing? With our SpecuLume EZ! Simply put, it’s revolutionizing examinations across the board – for patients and practices. While many scenarios can be treated with the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” mindset, that’s not how it should be for a primary medical device for gynecological exams. Sure, the old speculum designs work. But, after years with no to little change, design improvements and updates are long overdue.

So, Cyalume created the SpecuLume EZ single use, illuminated speculum to address what we feel is a necessary redesign.

We’ve made it more comfortable.

There is no more annoying ratcheting sound or cumbersome, clunky metal device. We have replaced it with a sleek and comfortable design that elevates smoothly and silently. We’ve also added pinch-guards for peace of mind.

We’ve added illumination.

Our chemiluminescent light is non-toxic, never gets hot, and can be attached to either the upper or lower blade to illuminate the exam area giving more visibility for a thorough exam.

We’ve removed risk of cross-contamination.

Because our SpecuLume EZ is a single-use device, that means after each exam you toss it. No excess handling on your part. Each patient having their own new speculum means significantly reduced risk of cross-contamination.

As the saying goes, let’s hear it for strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may be raise them and we’d like to add – may we continue to push their healthcare resources and tools to be the best they can be.