The Most Common Questions Patients Ask Their OBGYN

Questions to ask you OBGYN

The Most Common Questions Patients Ask Their OBGYN

Patients may have many questions ahead of, during or even after a doctor’s visit. Perhaps they are curious about medications, procedures or have questions about exam specifics.  OBGYNs have a whole list of common questions frequently asked by patients. Here are the most common things they want to know.

1) What can you help me with? As specialists, OBGYNs have specific exams and scope of health they address. Patients often have questions about family planning, fertility, birth control options, menopause, cervical cancer concerns, general breast health, and a broad range of other women’s health care topics.

2) Why is a particular health issue happening? Maybe a patient is having an exceptionally long period or it’s inconsistent. They might have questions about sex, urinary tract infections or other related topics. There are a variety of women’s health areas patients are looking for clarity on during their visits.

3) What testing do I need? Your patients rely on you for guidance on what testings and screenings they may need/ What age should they start mammograms and other breast cancer screenings? When do they need to begin scheduling colonoscopies? Is there anything else you would recommend for their age, health, family history or other risk categories?

4) Will you be the one on call for emergencies or if I go into labor? Your patients want peace of mind. They want to know the process of what happens if they need you during non-office hours. It’s always helpful to give them insight and set expectations about who they can expect in an emergency situation.

5) Is there anything you can do to make exams more comfortable? Spoiler alert but your patients do NOT like your old school speculum. It’s outdated, awkward and that ratcheting noise is beyond off-putting. However, you can answer that question and help your patients breathe a sigh of relief. Tell them, “YES!” The Cyalume SpecuLumeEZ  has changed the exam game. It’s chemiluminescent light source has no heat and no toxic chemicals. It’s handle design offers more comfort for the patient and provider and the elevation is smooth and silent.

Patient questions are part of the job. Your patients want you to have answers and solutions, including more thorough and comfortable exams. The SpecuLume EZ will check those boxes and greatly improve your entire exam process.