Six Reasons to Switch to SpecuLumeEZ

Six Reasons to Switch to SpecuLumeEZ

We know that old adage, “If it’s not broken don’t fix it.” But what if it is? What’s if it’s old, outdated and in desperate need of a change? You’d fix it right? Sure, the traditional speculum “works” but it was long overdue for a major upgrade. Cyalume overhauled it in the best ways possible with the creation of SpecuLume EZ.

Check out the six reasons you need to switch to the SpecuLume EZ today:

  1. It’s better for the environment. There are no batteries or electric source. It also does not require any sterilization or costly cleaning.
  2. Improved patient and clinician comfort. The angle of the handles allows for more room between the clinician’s hands and the patient during exams. You can say goodbye to that awful ratcheting sound and enjoy a clen, smooth and silent elevated design.
  3. Single use means less risk. One of the most revolutionary parts of the design is that it’s a single use tool. That means no risk of cross-contamination between patients and no harsh cleaning chemicals. Plus, it’s recyclable, another plus for the environment.
  4. No pinch design. The SpecuLume EZ blocks the gap between the upper and lower blades and greatly improves exam comfort.
  5. Sturdy design. Just because it’s plastic does not mean it’s not sturdy. Metal does not necessarily make it better and the game-changing design of the SpecuLume EZ is proof.
  6. Better clinical performance. A lot of our magic is in our light source. No toxic chemicals, no heat but a ton of brilliant, diffused illumination to enhance exams. Better and broader visual access means more effective and efficient exams.

Pelvic exams and pap smears are crucial to maintain vigilance in women’s healthcare. Shouldn’t we be intensely vigilant when we design and use tools to conduct them?