Let’s Normalize Single-Use Speculums


While there is no shortage of medical advancements, there are some areas that still need an extra push to further adapt to newer procedures and tools.  It took a significant amount of time for anyone to take a stab at redesigning the speculum for the better. Way too long. As a matter of fact, there are still many obstetrics and gynecologists offices that use the traditional stainless-steel speculum.

Why not take advantage of a newer, more comfortable and environmentally conscious option. That’s what the SpecuLume EZ from Cyalume is. Most patients are not exactly lining up for their annual exams and accompanying pap smears with smiles. Most of the hesitation is because the traditional speculum is clunky, awkward and can be uncomfortable.  We know it doesn’t have to be like that and our SpecuLume EZ is tangible proof.

So, let’s collectively get behind a more comfortable experience for patients in OBGYN offices across the globe.

It starts with a smooth and sleek plastic design.

There is a chemiluminescent light that can be used on the upper or lower blade and does not emit any heat or toxins.

The dreaded ratcheting noise from the old school speculums is a thing of the past. Instead, the SpecuLume EZ offers a smooth and silent elevation.

Handles are angled 10 degrees away from the patient, providing more room between them and the clinician’s hands.

It’s one and done! The single use SpecuLumeEZ is discarded after each patient which means the risk of cross-contamination is eliminated.

All materials are recyclable and safe for the environment.

There are so many reasons to use Cyalume’s SpecuLumeEZ. It’s time to normalize the idea of more comfortable, more efficient and safer gynecological exams.