It’s Our Job to Make Patients More Comfortable

Many patients do research on medical providers. They check ratings, reviews and even social media. They ask friends for recommendations and sometimes even come in to conduct their own little interviews before establishing care. They do their due diligence because they want two things.

1. They want a clinician who is the most qualified and knowledge commiserate to their needs.


2. They want a clinician who is going to make them feel safe and comfortable whenever possible.

Bedside manner is something that can make or break how a patient views a provider. Mostly because during medical appointments, exams and procedures is when a patient may feel their most vulnerable. They want to feel at ease emotionally and physically. So, isn’t it the job of medical professionals to do everything possible to accomplish this? While there are some areas of medicine where that is easier said than done, there are also opportunities for immediate fixes. The SpecuLume EZ is testament to that.

It’s taken the old and antiquated speculum used for vaginal exams and reimagined it to give the patient a truly better experience. Now when patients come in for their annual pap smears, they can breathe a sigh of relief regarding the actual exam. Everything from the non-toxic light source to the more ergonomic handles, provide a more comfortable exam. It’s also a much better way to keep a patient safer since it’s a single-use speculum. That means each and every patient gets their own for exams instead of relying on chemical-ridden disinfecting processes. No sharing of speculums between patients means no opportunities for infection from cross-contamination.

Meeting a patient where they are at most vulnerable and making them feel seen, is a hallmark of a phenomenal provider. We want to continue to innovate and put our SpecuLume EZ in the hands of all providers to contribute to more comfortable exam experience for patients.