Why Healthcare Practices are Still Cutting Costs


Many people and businesses are still looking for ways to streamline or cut costs following the height of the pandemic. There are tangible economic effects linked to residual factors from Covid and healthcare practices and providers are part of that dynamic in a variety of ways. One of the biggest trends we are seeing among healthcare practices is the need to decrease costs while increasing efficiency.

Some people will naturally look at how they can eliminate bigger costs. However, there are so many smaller costs that can be easily changed to impact budgets in bigger ways than you think. They are like low hanging fruit that so many ignore but can absolutely affect the bottom line of a budget.

Now more than ever, practice managers and owners are looking at budgets with a keener eye and trying to get creative while strategizing ways to lessen overhead and operating costs. Cyalume has an easy way to make a significant dent in your costs. Our SpecuLume EZ is being implemented in practices and in addition to more effective exams, it’s saving businesses money. Because it’s a one-time use, disposable speculum, practices can stop purchasing expensive (and harsh) chemicals used for sterilization. Not only is it more cost-effective, but it’s also helping achieve more comprehensive exams while keeping patients safe from cross-contamination.

The SpecuLume EZ boasts a laundry list of competitive advantages to other speculums. Healthcare practices are thrilled with it and see a huge bonus in its ability to shrink costs. Cutting costs doesn’t always have to be complicated. Sometimes the answers are right in front you. All it takes is paying attention to some of the often-overlooked smaller opportunities, gathering information and taking necessary action. Keying in on these smaller changes will make a notable impact on your budget, helping to alleviate some of the Covid-related financial stresses still affecting many.

Contact Cyalume today and let us help take some of the budgetary stress off your plate with the SpecuLume EZ.