Never Sacrifice Quality When It Comes to Patient Care


In the field of medicine sometimes people embrace change and sometimes they fight it. When there are tried and true processes that garner consistent results, it can be hard to sway some minds. However, Cyalume knows that change can be revolutionary.

Could OBGYN offices continue using the old school speculums? Sure. And some do. But every time a clinician sees what a SpecuLumeEZ can do, they are sold. They see the benefits that far surpass the old way of doing exams and how much more effective the exams are for both patients and providers. It’s a no brainer. A game changer.

The innovation we have poured into the SpecuLumeEZ is undeniable and tangible proof that change is good. More than good, actually. Necessary.

The idea of a one and done tool is a huge benefit all on its own since it eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between patients. That also means less money spent on harsh sterilization chemicals and because the SpecuLumeEZ is made of plastic, it’s environmentally friendly and completely recyclable.

The handles angle outward 10 degrees away from the patient, which is much better for the clinician as well. Instead of the dreaded ratcheting sound of old-style speculums, ours elevates silently and provides a larger opening giving the clinician a better view of the exam area.

Then there’s the light. That’s really the showstopper. Our chemical illumination technology provides optimal diffused light to the examination area without the use of electricity, batteries or external light sources. It’s safe, non-toxic and the biggest innovation for speculums to date.

We know change is complicated and forces you to take a look at your current processes, procedures and tools. But the SpecuLumeEZ is easy to use, makes the clinician’s job more effective and offers a more comfortable and comprehensive exam for the patient. Everybody wins across the board. Call for your sample of the SpecuLumeEZ today!