Advances in Women’s Healthcare Are On the Rise


The advancements in women’s healthcare tools and technology continues to soar. The transition from rudimentary processes and procedures keeps sinking deeper into the past as providers and clinicians gain access to better ways and better tools to do their jobs. And it’s not slowing down.

Breast Cancer is being found and treated earlier. Just a few decades ago, the screenings and exams to look for breast cancer were nowhere near as thorough as they are today. Mammography, ultrasound and even MRI are being used alone and together to catch breast cancer earlier and treat it more effectively.

Heart disease and lung cancer are declining. With increased efforts on awareness and education around heart disease and lung cancer from smoking are seeing notable decreases. Doctors and patients alike are being more vigilant in taking necessary precautions and suggesting lifestyle changes for women to better combat these health issues.

Maternal Mental Health has taken center stage. The stigma around postpartum depression and anxiety is rapidly dissipating as more women are speaking openly about their own struggles and encouraging others to seek help. Doctors are more actively suggesting therapy and medication when applicable to help women keep their mental health a top priority.

Gynecological exams are more thorough and effective. Many clinicians have upgraded from old school speculums to tools like Cyalume’s SpecuLumeEZ. It offers a more comfortable exam experience for the patient and provider as well as a higher quality exam because of the non-toxic, chemiluminescent light source. Because it’s a single-use speculum, there is also no risk of cross-contamination between patients.

The advancements in women’s health care are on an upswing and the combination of science, technology and brilliant visionaries are only going to continue to fuel the trajectory. Cyalume is thrilled to be on the forefront ushering in better tools and processes.