About Cyalume Technologies

For over 40 years Cyalume Technologies has been the world leader in chemical light solutions providing innovative products to a wide range of markets. Our products are relied on daily by people who are in critical and life-saving roles. The science and engineering behind what we do to achieve the reliability our customers demand is precise and complex. Also, our products contain no harmful chemicals so people who use our chemiluminescent items can be assured they are safe for both people and the environment.

We are an FDA registered company that manufactures medical devices as well as precise API components for the pharmaceutical industry in addition to more complex coatings used on implantable medical products. Now we’re applying our expertise to provide “brilliant” patient care.

With the introduction of our innovative, single-use, chemiluminated medical devices we are delivering our proven expertise and unparalleled quality to the healthcare market. Our mission is to provide clinicians with an innovative design using high-quality illumination which results in benefits for both the healthcare provider and the patient.

Patient Care In A New Light!